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In Encrypted, the author explores how God communicates to individuals in ways that only the individual desired for the message gets. He looks at how the individual can also communicate to God in a manner that only God understands, no matter who else hears what is being said. In exploring this philosophy, the writer brings out numerous interesting arguments and discusses several Christian principles. Some of such principles have been misunderstood by many, some undervalued, and yet some that have been taboo in some religious circles over the years. The book shares many provoking thoughts that will enrich the lives of its listeners. It is a good book, written in simple language. E. G. Menzies uses contemporary often relatable illustrations to bring across his points. The author intermingles technological, scientific, and biblical concepts to show validity of his explanations. It is a fresh approach that makes one often go, ummh!

Among the many topics discussed are those about prior association (everything we do has prior influence), there is nothing new under the sun and the epitome of every human concept has already been established by God. He shows stark examples of how some of the concepts we see arising today, such as the GPS, are based on principles already in place by God. He argues that as we create and build in this world, we are subconsciously seeking to advance a model here, of what our spirit knows already exist. The book also deals with the gift of tongues and its intended unique purpose. Speaking in tongues is a practice frowned upon by many over the years. The discussion of the gift in Encrypted brings new light to its appreciable worth. The author shows that language, whichever one examined, has always had the handicap of limited scope for precise expression. He shows how speaking in tongues removes this encumbrance when communicating with God.

Encrypted explores God's power and the favor we have to be chosen by him, what it means to be God's elect. It explains in depth the significance of Christ as the word (logos), the power of words, and how we can become like Christ, word. In doing so, it gives a powerful account of what it means to be born again. It discusses faith in a vivid, practical, and comprehensible manner so compelling, it is hard not to see that one has a measure of faith and to feel encouraged to use it.

The book is well formatted to assist the listener to capture noteworthy points. Revision or summarizing a chapter is assisted by end of chapter notes called nuggets. Encrypted is a well-written spiritual growth guide with no fluff.

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Highly recommended. This is a great book, very eye opening. Excellent narration and high sound quality.

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