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Read 'Encrypted' on your electronic device

Encrypted is available in digital version. You can read on your smartphone, tablet or other digital reader. The ebook version comes in full color highly formatted and as such is easy read. The ebook provides links for scripture references which allows you to easily see the context of scriptures used and highlights many sections in the book that are considered noteworthy.

Books for Spiritual Growth


 E.G. Menzies is living proof that though we never deserve the mercies of God, He continuously baffles us with the mystery concerning who He chooses to use for any reason or any cause.  E.G. Menzies is proof God must have a way of knowing a heart that will not follow because the crowd does or someone instructs, but earnestly desires to know what He, God, is truly about .  A heart that will walk away if God and that which concerns him makes no sense but  will endure if there is a glimmer that He is real. A person who if God is leading  a pursuit, will fall and rise as long as it takes to see God's purpose unfold.

 He knows the walk of Christ is not for the perfect but those who will persevere unto perfection. A singer since childhood, E.G. Menzies  has blessed many through his gift. He has worked in various business sectors over the years. Now as an author, he shares, as God continues to reveal himself and his matters.