The book Encrypted is available in print and digital versions. If you believe in God, this is a book you should read. Encrypted will open your eyes to his realness and enhance the understanding of  your responsibility for your eternal destiny and purpose.

Encrypted explores many Biblical expressions and principles with which many in Christendom have become acquainted, but have never truly understood the dept of their meaning or practicality.What does it really mean to be Born again? What is speaking in tongues all about? What does the Bible mean when it says: "there is nothing new under the sun"? These are among many things explored in Encrypted.

The book invites us to think, pray and practice the word of God on a different level. It is hoped that Encrypted will engender greater Christian camaraderie in times such as these when Christians need to huddle. The road ahead demands that we all are well equipped in mind and spirit. We have a responsibility for our own spiritual welfare but also to encourage each other unto good works.


22 January 2015



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